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Coding in the open in government: Turing Fest talk

30 November 2017 / Open source / Speaking

In August I gave a talk about coding in the open in government at Turing Fest. The video has just been published and you can watch it on their site (you can skip the email request).

The slides are here:

If you’d like more detail on any of the things I reference, links are below:

GDS code

Scottish government code

Some other central government code

Government blog posts that I discussed

Building a platform to host digital services

Coding in the open makes better code

When ‘build a thing’ really works

Digital service standard

Make all new source code open

GOV.UK coding styleguides

Commit message guidance

Pull request guidance and blog post

Easing the process of pull request reviews

Be able to recover quickly

MTTR is more important than MTBF (for most types of F)

Feedbin is open source

GOV.UK roadmap, Trello and incident reports

GOV.UK roadmap

GOV.UK publishing platform Trello

GOV.UK incident reports

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