Anna Shipman : Etc


I like to write games in my spare time. Here are some of them.


My version of the Nokia phone game. Purely for experimental purposes. This is version 1.0 – playable, but not perfect; comments and suggestions are welcome.

Java; repo on GitHub.

Bacteria Warfare!

Your job is to stop the bacteria going down the plughole and blocking the sink for as long as possible. Bacteria are (of course!) repelled if you are a different colour: CNTRL changes colour. Or you can lure them away by planting food of their own colour: SPACE.

Play it! (requires Flash)

ActionScript; repo on GitHub

This game was created as part of the Global Game Jam 2010.


This is WIP. I am exploring developing a game using TDD. It's completely unplayable at the moment but the tests all pass!

Java; WIP on GitHub.

A Serpent's Tale

Jump and catch the stars or just roll along and see the circle of life rolling along too.

Unity, "JavaScript"; source files and instructions for game play can be found here.

For Flock's Sake

Your job is to herd the birds into the holding pen using their natural flocking behaviour.

Python, PyOpenGL, PyGame; source here.

Other stuff

A website from my former incarnation, as one of The List's book reviewers: Anna's Book Corner.

A comic about Grace Hopper, my coursework from the excellent drawing comics course at the Royal Drawing School.