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The benefits of coding in the open

04 September 2017

For any service to be put in front of the public, it has to meet the Digital Service Standard, a set of 18 criteria.

One of the criteria is that all new source code is made open and published under an open source licence.

This goes hand in hand with our tenth design principle: make things open: it makes things better.

In this blog post, I explain why coding in the open makes things better.

Break into public speaking

23 August 2017

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with my excellent colleagues Rosa Fox and Lucy Carey on a series of workshops to help get more underrepresented people in tech into public speaking. Lucy has written an excellent blog post about it including more details about the breakdown of the course.

Cross government meetup on Open Source and Security

08 August 2017

We are hosting the second cross-government meetup on Open Source in London on Tuesday 26th September.

Join the SPA organising committee

13 June 2017

I help run SPA, a workshop-based conference on all aspects of advancements in software development – technology, processes, people and practice – and we are looking for people to join the organising committee for the 2018 conference.

Writing a business case

01 March 2017

As I become more senior I have more of a need to write business cases. I turned to the excellent Peter Grzeszczak for advice, and this is what he said.

Come to the cross-government Open Source meetup

25 January 2017

We are organising a series of cross-government Open Source meetups to exchange ideas, talk about code we can reuse or collaborate on and build a community around Open Source.

Next steps for Open Source in government

15 December 2016

I was recently appointed Open Source Lead at the Government Digital Service. In this post, I talk about my first priorities as Open Source Lead and let you know how you can get involved.

I am now Open Source Lead

18 November 2016

I’m pleased to announce that I’m now Open Source Lead at GDS. James Stewart has written a blog post about my appointment.

How to blog

16 September 2016

Someone recently asked my advice on blogging, particularly how I decide what to write about and whether I set aside specific time. Here’s what I said.

Making my site look better on small screens

04 July 2016

I’ve had this blog for five years, but I’ve only recently started using my phone to browse the internet, at which point I realised it displayed terribly on a small screen. It’s a wonder anyone ever read my posts.