Anna Shipman

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Understanding my strengths using a Johari window

02 June 2018

When leaving my last job I decided to do an exercise which compares what other people think my strengths are with what I think my strengths are. This is a write-up.

Cleaning up SPA for GDPR

20 May 2018

I think GDPR is great. I am really pleased that companies are now being more thoughtful about how they handle my data. For SPA, a conference that has been running for over 20 years, this coincided with a project I had already started to clean up the user data, and here’s what I did.

How coding in the open can help you release faster

29 April 2018

A few weeks ago I talked about how coding in the open can help you release faster at PipelineConf. This was my last talk as Open Source Lead at the Government Digital Service. Here is the video, slides, links, and a bonus sketchnote!

Deploying to shared hosting with Travis

13 March 2018

The SPA conference website deploys to production automatically on merge to master. It is on shared hosting, and setting this up with Travis was a bit tricky, so I’m blogging how I did it in case it’s useful for others.

Resources for coding in the open

02 March 2018

One of my main aims as Open Source Lead at the Government Digital Service was to make sure that there were good resources in place to help people code in the open. Many of these didn’t exist when I started the role so I created them. I’ve collected useful resources here.

How to open up closed code

19 February 2018

Every digital service designed within government has to meet the Digital Service Standard. One of the requirements of the standard is that new source code should be made open and published under an open source licence.

A year in the life of an Open Source Lead

08 December 2017

I have been the Open Source Lead at GDS for a year now. Here are some of the things I’ve achieved and learned.

Coding in the open in government: Turing Fest talk

30 November 2017

In August I gave a talk about coding in the open in government at Turing Fest. The video has just been published and you can watch it on their site (you can skip the email request).

Sign up to my new mailing list!

05 November 2017

I usually publicise new posts on Twitter, though I also have an Atom feed. However, Twitter relies on people seeing it at the right time, so I’ve set up a mailing list for new blog posts (and possibly very occasional annoucements).

An awk command I always forget

13 October 2017

There’s a task I have to do every now and again for which awk is the best tool, but it’s infrequent enough that I always have to remind myself how. Usually by referring back to some shell scripts we wrote 5 years ago, so thought I’d post here instead.