Anna Shipman

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Being a Principal Engineer in Customer Products at the FT

27 June 2022

At the FT we have a role called Principal Engineer. Many companies do; however, the shape of the role at the FT is different than it is at many other companies, so in this post I explain what the role is like on my team, Customer Products.

The difficult teenage years: setting your tech strategy after the launch

11 June 2022

I delivered a talk at the inaugural London LeadingEng conference on how to set a tech strategy, specifically after the launch.

No Next Next: Fighting Entropy in Your Microservices Architecture

08 April 2022

On Tuesday, I delivered a talk at QCon London: No Next Next: Fighting Entropy in Your Microservices Architecture.

Encouraging meeting participation with a check-in

22 March 2022

If you want participation in a meeting with people who don’t spend a lot of time together, one thing that can help is getting everyone to say something at the start; here is a low-pressure way to do that.

The good, the bad and the tech strategy

16 February 2022

Yesterday, I delivered a talk at LeadDev Together: The good, the bad and the tech strategy.

Why didn't Clojure work concurrently in Vagrant?

31 December 2021

I recently couldn’t work out why Clojure was not working concurrently in a Vagrant box. I didn’t solve the problem, but I learned many things, and here are some of them.

Working on the most important things as a technical leadership team

28 September 2021

Two years ago, I wrote about how as a technical leadership team we can figure out what to work on. We made some changes to the way we worked and found them really beneficial. However, last year we realised there were flaws in how we were working, which made it hard for us to prioritise the bigger, more impactful pieces of tech work.

Threat modelling cards

15 September 2021

Threat modelling is a way to identify the potential security flaws in your system, and prioritise mitigations. On Monday I attended a session comparing some card games you can use to help you, at SPA conference. This is a brief write-up.

Setting up a Ubiquiti network

21 June 2021

We wanted good WiFi coverage in our house and we did not have it, so we set up a Ubiquiti network. This is how we did it.

Finance for non-finance directors: Part 3

12 March 2021

This is the third of three posts summarising some very interesting things I learned about finance on a recent IoD course. In part one I talked about funding and financial statements, in part two I talked about accountancy principles and ratios, and today I will talk about deciding which projects, and which companies, to invest in.