Anna Shipman

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After the launch: the difficult teenage years

10 August 2019

After you launch a new product and no longer have the launch to work towards, it’s very easy for things to drift off track. This is the difficult teenage years.

Russell Davies's strategy advice

08 July 2019

Last year, I met the excellent Russell Davies to ask his advice on how to create a strategy. Russell was the Director of Strategy at the Government Digital Service while I was there. He and the internal comms team did an amazing job of making sure we were all aware of what we were doing and why.

How do you delegate to a group of people?

21 June 2019

I’m the Technical Director of Customer Products at the Financial Times. In Customer Products, we run and the FT apps (as well as some other products, like Alphaville), and we have about 55 engineers.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy

17 May 2019

A while ago, the excellent Russell Davies gave me a copy of Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. He said it was the best book he’d read on the topic, and I found it extremely useful. Here are some of my notes, but I recommend reading it.

Finance for non-accountants

23 April 2019

This is the first role I’ve had managing a large budget and I recently had some excellent training from my finance director colleague Isabelle Campbell. Here are my notes.

How to make the most out of meetings with vendors

22 March 2019

Building relationships with vendors is an important part of my role as Tech Director and when I joined the Financial Times, the excellent Rob Shilston gave me his five top top tips on how to make the most of those meetings. He has kindly agreed to share them here.

Finding the next level tech job

16 January 2019

Last April, I joined the Financial Times as Technical Director for This has been a brilliant move. The job search was different from any of my previous job searches, as it involved an explicit step into technical leadership, and here I share how I did it and some things I learned.

What I learned in six years at GDS

08 December 2018

When I joined the Government Digital Service in April 2012, GOV.UK was just going into public beta. GDS was a completely new organisation, part of the Cabinet Office, with a mission to stop wasting government money on over-complicated and underperforming big IT projects and instead deliver simple, useful services for the public.

How to interview job applicants fairly

22 November 2018

Interviews are not a great way to find out how good someone will actually be at the job. They can also make it easy for your unconscious biases to have too much influence. This has led some to suggest that interviews are broken and we need to find other ways; but it is possible to do interviews in a much fairer and more informative way.

High output management

05 November 2018

Earlier this year I read High Output Management. This is one of the best books I’ve read on leadership, and I really recommend you read it. Some of the things I took from it are here.