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The difficult teenage years at Tech Nottingham

13 May 2020 / Strategy / Speaking

I was meant to go to Nottingham this week to give a talk about tech strategy. It was going to be a follow on from my talk at Continuous Lifecycle, After the Launch: the difficult teenage years – where are we a year later and what have I learned?

In the circumstances, travel to Nottingham was out, but the brilliant folk at Tech Nottingham have gone online, and I was able to give the talk in a slightly different format than planned, from the comfort of my own home!

Screenshot of some Tech Nottingham participants on a Zoom call

Instead of the planned new talk, we watched the video of the previous talk, and then we did a Q&A. A year on, it all holds true, we still have the same tech strategy and it’s delivered some brilliant results, so the previous talk was still relevant.

It was great to revisit it (though awkward to watch myself – I turned my camera off so the other Zoom participants couldn’t see me cringing at my errors!) and there were some excellent questions.

The Tech Nottingham folk have put a lot of work into making the online event work, with ice-breakers, open spaces and a competition (people could win copies of Good Strategy, Bad Strategy). Everyone is welcome at Tech Nottingham, and now, you don’t even have to live in Nottingham to attend!

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