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How coding in the open can help you release faster

29 April 2018 / Open source

A few weeks ago I talked about how coding in the open can help you release faster at PipelineConf. This was my last talk as Open Source Lead at the Government Digital Service. Here is the video, slides, links, and a bonus sketchnote!

Video (30 minutes)



For a great summary, here is an excellent sketchnote of it by Sarah Jones.

Sarah Jones

I love to see sketchnotes of my talks, especially when they are as clear and nicely designed as this one. Thank you, Sarah!

Finally, I mention a lot of resources in my talk. Most of them can be found in this list of useful open code resources. Those specific to this talk are below.

SPA Software in Practice conference – you should totally come!

Examples of how coding in the open helps government

When build a thing really works – blog post about using smart answers code.

How making our deployment code open improved our workflow

Point 8 of the Government Service Standard: Make all new source code open

Addressing challenges of coding in the open

GDS pull request guidance

Blog post: Easing the process of pull request reviews

John Allspaw’s blog post about the importance of being able to recover quickly: MTTR is more important than MTBF (for most types of F)

Companies that open code, even when it’s their secret sauce

Feedbin is open source

GitLab uses LibGit2

Open code is the foundation for a culture of openness

GOV.UK roadmap

Trello for the publishing platform team

GOV.UK architectural decisions

GOV.UK incident reports

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