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JavaScript Visualisations Proposal

30 November 2011 / Speaking

I have proposed a talk for SPA2012 on JavaScript visualisations.

The basic outline of the proposal is a workshop where we will demonstrate the use of different JS libraries to visualise different kinds of data with several 15-20 minute exercises where participants use the library to create a similar visualisation. Ideally participants would leave with an overview of how and when to use the libraries and tools we've covered, and ideally an idea of what factors to think about when choosing a JS data visualisation tool.

Still in the very early stages of planning it, but I am in the process of moving this site over to a host that will support WordPress, at which point I will be able to invite comments/suggestions. In the meantime, any suggestions are very welcome, by email or twitter.

Notes from the first planning meeting, with Hibri:

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