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Some notes on inclusive leadership

06 January 2021 / Leadership

I recently went on an inclusive leadership course at work. It was very interesting. There were four particular lists that I wanted to make a note of to refer back to:

Do these

Don’t do these

What makes us more likely to act on our unconcious bias?

This was really interesting, very closely linked to the two systems concept in Thinking, Fast and Slow and also the idea of “taking deliberate action” as a mechanism for preventing mistakes, in Turn the Ship Around!.

Here are some of the things that make us more likely to be biased in our actions:

It’s always worth taking a bit more time over decisions, taking a break, a walk round the block, or having a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Some examples of ‘manners’ leading to bias

She gave us some really good examples of how something that in one culture we might perceive as “good manners” are non-existent, or pereceived as bad manners in other cultures; something to be aware of when you are making snap judgments about people.

For example:

Reading this list, I can really feel how acting differently to some of those would provoke a reaction in me that is actually completely unjustifed as people have very different cultural norms.

A course like this is worth doing

These are the lists I wanted to make a note of for my own future reference, though they represent only a small fraction of what was covered in the three hour workshop. I don’t plan to write the rest of the course up. It’s definitely worth seeking out such a course yourself if you can.

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