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Analysing, Deciding Doing: How to develop and execute an effective strategy

10 September 2023 / Strategy / Speaking

In June, I delivered a talk at Turing Fest on how to create a strategy. Here is the video, the slides and a short write-up.

It covered what I wanted to know when starting out in strategy

When I first starting working on strategy, the question I had was ‘how do you actually do it?’. Since then, having read a lot, been on some courses and practiced a lot, I now have a better idea; and the purpose of this talk was to share what I myself would have wanted to know when starting out.

It covers models and techniques to help you create and drive your strategy

In the talk, I go through some specific models, with examples.

These tools, techniques and actionable advice will set you up to be able to create and deliver an effective strategy.

Watch the talk!

You can watch the talk here:

And the slides are here:

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