Anna Shipman

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Operations: a developer's guide

27 November 2015

I gave a talk Operations: a developer's guide, at FFConf 2015.

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A PaaS for government

29 October 2015

I gave a keynote at Velocity EU about the work I've been doing on a PaaS for government.

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Building a platform to host digital services

08 September 2015

For the last few months I've been working on prototyping what a Government PaaS might look like. I've written an introduction to what we've been doing on the GDS blog.

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A career path for technologists at GDS

24 July 2015

We've been doing a lot of work around career paths at GDS, and I wrote a post on the GDS blog about the work I lead around career paths for developers and web ops.

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Tips on writing a technical CV

19 July 2015

In the last few years I've been more involved in recruitment and seeing a lot of CVs for developer roles has given me some thoughts on what makes a good technical CV. Here are some tips to improve yours.


How to raise a good pull request

21 April 2015

On our team we always commit code using pull requests, for review by someone who hasn't worked on that code. Here are my guidelines on how to raise a good pull request.


Staying technical

29 March 2015

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about being a technical architect, and one of my main conclusions was that you need to stay technical. But how?

Some suggestions here...

Delivering GOV.UK: DevOps for the nation

04 March 2015

My QCon talk on how we do DevOps on GOV.UK. Video is here, and the slides are on Slideshare.

What is a technical architect?

01 March 2015

I have wanted to be a technical architect since I started out in IT, and last September I was delighted to achieve this long-held goal. But very quickly I realised that, while it was clear to me that the role of a technical architect is overseeing the technical aspects of large software projects, I really wasn't sure what that meant I should be focusing on day-to-day. So I turned to some of the brilliant technical architects I know, both colleagues and elsewhere in the industry, for their advice.


How we moved vCloud Tools from Coding in the Open to Open Source

19 December 2014

I've written a post on the GDS Technology blog about moving a project from 'coded in the open' to true Open Source. How we moved vCloud Tools from Coding in the Open to Open Source.