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How to blog

16 September 2016

Someone recently asked my advice on blogging, particularly how I decide what to write about and whether I set aside specific time. Here’s what I said.

Making my site look better on small screens

04 July 2016

I’ve had this blog for five years, but I’ve only recently started using my phone to browse the internet, at which point I realised it displayed terribly on a small screen. It’s a wonder anyone ever read my posts.

Useful questions for one-to-ones

30 March 2016

When I started line managing people at work, three years ago, I got some great advice from the excellent Andrew Seward. He structured one-to-ones around the following list of questions:

Code sharing in large organisations

24 March 2016

At Scale Summit last week I led a session on code-sharing in large organisations. I was particularly interested in how other organisations raise the visibility of shareable code. This was one of the main themes that came out of the recent code-sharing unconference at GDS.

Choosing Cloud Foundry for the Government Platform as a Service

17 December 2015

We previously wrote about looking into offering a platform to host digital services. This post is about the technology we chose for the beta and how we made that decision.

Video of Operations: a developer's guide

27 November 2015

Video from my FFconf talk Operations: a developer’s guide.

Slides and links from Operations: a developer's guide

07 November 2015

Slides from my talk Operations: a developer’s guide, at FFConf 2015.

A PaaS for Government

29 October 2015

I gave a keynote at Velocity EU about the work I’ve been doing on a PaaS for government.

Looking at open source PaaS technologies

27 October 2015

I’ve been working on a prototype of what a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for government might look like, as we wrote about in a previous post. One of the first things we did was look at the open source PaaS options that were available. This post is about how we did that and what we learned.

Building a platform to host digital services

08 September 2015

Right now, hosting services is one of the most time-consuming barriers for new digital services, and usually involves duplicating work done elsewhere. On the Government Platform as a Service team we’re working on solving that.